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Spring Trends 2012

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 9:02 AM Comments comments (0)
Welcome Back, Fashion (and Bargain!) Lovers!
Earlier this week I posted a blog about the importance of color for Spring 2012. Well, since then, I have had several customers ask me for more info on what the trends are for this coming season and I am happy to oblige!  Yes, I will talk a little more about color – and then talk about a whole lot more!
So – Here are the hottest trends for Spring 2012!
1) Princess Chic
All right, ladies, I know this sounds a little corny – but Princess chic is in! This spring is all about being the girliest girl that you can be. Tulle, lace, floral, sparkle, and super feminine silhouettes are found everywhere.
2) Pastels AND Neons
When it comes to the color palette of Spring 2012, both ends of the spectrum are represented. There are pastels (baby blue, light pink, pale yellow…) as well as neons (tangerine, lemon, bright pink, turquoise, lime…). So, I think it goes without saying that there’s something for everyone this season. What’s even better is that the princess chic pieces are coming out in both colors. Girly, pink, pastel dresses are available as well as neon pencil skirts
All right, ladies, that was just a taste of what is in store for you this spring. Stay tuned to this blog over the next week or so --  I will be “unleashing” more trends to you!

Spring 2012 at New For You!

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 6:12 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello there!
It has been a long time since my last post -- nearly a year in fact!  However, I am glad to say that all is well with us at New For You and we hope the same is for you!  In fact, the only thing missing from our lives right now IS YOU! :)
Starting last week, New For You began receiving our new Spring items for 2012 and boy, if the first week is any indication of what this season will bring, then we are all in for a treat!  Bright colors, On Trend fashions, Wonderful Handbags and shoes and all of it in such a wide range of sizes!  This season is going to be fun!
One more thing, the ladies and I at New For You met today to discuss just how we can make your shopping experience even better in our store and what we can do to help build our relationships with you.  We left this meeting pumped up and excited about the opportunities God has given us to connect with so many women in this town and full to the brim with ideas on how we can serve you and stay connected to you even better!  One of those ways is by using more social networking to get the word out on new items and events in our store.  So, if you have not already done so, please add your name and
e-mail to this site and, in the very near future, look for New For You to debut a new Facebook page!  We "Like" you -- we so hope that you will "Like" us (on Facebook!) too!
Until next time ......
In His Love,
Tammy Reynolds