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Time to clean those closets out for Fall!

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 7:38 PM Comments comments (0)
Since it is time for the seasons to change, at least in the “retail world,” I am starting to think about cleaning out those closets – both mine and yours – and getting items together to consign at New For You this Fall! Beginning next week, we will be taking in Fall transitional items and would love to have your things in our store to sell!!  We are always taking new consignors – all sizes – and can really help you “clean clutter” and “coup some cash!”  Just give us a call!!
To help with your clean out,I decided today to write about organizing your closet.  Actually, I am so much better at organizing other people's stuff(which I do regularly as a part of our consignment service). But when it comes tomine...well I guess I'm a little too close to it!  Right now, I am preparing to tackle my closet and I have come to the unwavering belief that no matter how big or small, there will, at some point, be a “physics problem” with any closet! (Unless we quit shopping and you know that's never going to happen!)
When it comes to organizing clothing, I tend to break things up by category first,hanging all the blouses together, jackets together, etc. Then I separate each category into colors, i.e. white blouses, then gray blouses, etc. I find this to be most effective for me when it comes to putting outfits together and finding a specific item. The one thing that always makes me nutty is having to waste time looking for a specific item, especially when I am already running late!
The best way to store shoes may depend on the size and construction of your closet.Ideally, I like to see all my shoes when I'm trying to find them. Having shelves above the hanging clothes in your closet is a fabulous thing for shoe storage! You can get a lot of shoes on those shelves and can even line extras on the floor at the base of the hanging clothes if you need to. The most important thing is that your shoes are stored in a way that keeps them from getting damaged (like piling them up on the floor).   The second priority is being able to find the shoes you are looking for easily (which is why I would rather not keep them in boxes), and the third is that it looks orderly. You may not be able to get all three with your current space, so it's good to prioritize and adapt accordingly.
Handbags are another category that needs to be stored in such a way that keeps them from being crushed. I have some basic, small, low-height storage shelves for general closet storage that I line my handbags on. (I have them at each end of one of my closets)  Having a number of shelves obviously gives me room for more bags, but sometimes, they still end up overflowing on the floor at the base of the hanging clothes. (See…I told you there's a physics problem!) I do keep them stuffed when I'm not using them so they keep their shape.
I keep any folded clothes in a second linen closet I have, that stores them as if they were folded in an armoire (which I just don’t have floor space for in my bedroom!)  I prefer an armoire (or an armoire type set up like I created)  to a traditional dresser because you can fold the clothes and put them in stacks, so with a glance, you can see everything.Because you can see the colors, but not the style of a shirt, I make each stack a different type (short-sleeve T-shirts, long-sleeve tees, cardigans, etc.).  For the items I keep in a dresser, I have to open each drawer and lift up the stacks to see what is in them.  This takes so much longer – I so wish I had space to keep everything on shelves!
There area lot of different things out there you can buy to help you get organized.  These things  can make the use of space more efficient. And sometimes, buying something new to organize with makes it a lot more fun.                             
The thing to do is figure out what works with your space!
If you can do something to distract yourself and stay entertained while you do this,you'll probably do it longer. So, bring in your favorite music or turn your DVD player on and watch Fried Green Tomatoes or Driving Miss Daisy for the 94time while you organize your little fashionista heart out!
Try to have fun and  . . .May the laws of physics be on your side!!
Until next time I am . . .
Praying for our customers and readers daily,
Tammy Reynolds
Owner –New For You Consignment Boutique
“She clothes herself with strength and dignity and smiles at her future.” Proverbs 31:25


Posted on July 16, 2012 at 5:26 PM Comments comments (1)
I recently read about a study where random people were asked to bring in their favorite pair of shoes. Then, a class of college students were asked to guess the attributes of the person who owns the shoes, by seeing only the shoes, not the people. Turns out, the students were 90% correct!
Wow, this makes shoe shopping even more important than I thought it was before, as it evidently broadcasts to the world who I am!
What I think flats say about the woman who wears them is that she's sophisticated, but balanced. She's not going to suffer in high heels all day, but she's not goingto give up her sense of style, either. When you want to let people know that you're someone who goes the extra mile to pay attention to the details, a great pair of up to date flats definitely do that. Most women put effort into the fashion that's more eye-level. Putting attention into the look from head to toe sets you apart.
There are times, however, when a good bit of height isexactly what you want. It makes you seem more confident and in-control because you're able to look people directly in the eye. (Plus, high heels make you look thinner too, so count me in!) So when you're seeking height this summer, make wedges your "go-to" shoes. This season, wedges have become stronger and more substantial in their style. They used to be understated -- a finishing touch. Now they're the focal point of your outfit. An updated wedge  lets people know that you know fashion. Plus,thanks to the sturdy wedge design, they’re totally wearable and can take you places your stilettos can’t.
We all love options in everything, especially shoes!
Speaking of shoes, come check out the fabulous selection of designer and name brand shoes – flats, stilettos, wedges and more, that we get in at New For You!  Our selection is great and we carry all sizes!  Remember, we receive tons of new items every day – so we are never the same store twice!
Until next time I am . . .
Praying for our customers and readers daily,
Tammy Reynolds
Owner –New For You
“She clothes herself  with strength and dignity, and smiles at her future.” Proverbs 31:25

New For You Consignment Boutique Blog -- What to pack?

Posted on May 6, 2012 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (1)
A few questions to ask yourself before packing for a trip . . . .
As some of our fabulous customers know, my husband and I are involved in ongoing mission work in orphanages in Ukraine.  Twice a year, God willing, we lead mission teams, on behalf of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Columbus, GA, to the orphanages in Kriovy Rog, Ukraine, delivering humanitarian aid, and sharing God’s Love and His Word to lonely and abandoned children who are hungry for both.  As we prepare to leave on our next trip to Ukraine, (this will be my 16 trip to the orphanages, Praise The Lord!) we spent most of yesterday packing and weighing the bags of supplies we are carrying to the children this time.  On this upcoming trip, our team we will be hand carrying over 1000 pounds of clothing, medical supplies, games, and hygiene products to the orphanages and believe me, there was a great deal of work involved in sorting, packing and weighing all of those goodies for the children!  (Thank you God, for good faithful friends who showed up to help!)
Now that the team’s supplies are all packed, I have begun to think about what I will pack for myself and – for that matter – what I would pack if I were going on a vacation as well.  In thinking about what to pack,  I have decided that there are two kinds of travelers in the world: over-packers, those who try to stuff their entire closet into the overhead compartment on the plane, and under-packers, those who head directly to the store once they get to their destination because they don't have what they need. Not only am I a former over-packer, but I was a random over-packer, so I had a suitcase full of nonsense. Nothing ever went together so I was constantly asking myself, "Why did I pack that?"
I'm proud to say I've come a long way in the packing department. But it's an acquired skill and one worth spending some time on as summer and your own travel plans approach.
Here are some questions to ask yourself when you're trying to decide what to put in your suitcase …….
What activities do you KNOW you're going to do?
The reason I was an over-packer was because I allowed my mind to go crazy with 'maybes.' Maybe I'll want to do this activity, maybe I'll want to do that activity, and pretty soon I was taking my whole closet because I wasn't focusing on what I was really going to do. So first and foremost: what activities do you KNOW you're going to do? Start there, and then you can tweak at the end as space allows.
 Can you avoid taking something that has to hang in a garment bag?
If you have to take a garment bag, you're automatically committing to two pieces of luggage and you've 'upped the ante' considerably in the logistics department. If you can find things that fold in a suitcase, (or my favorite, the rolling duffel) you'll have a much more streamlined baggage experience. A small, structured, foldable garment bag that you can put a few items in and still fit into your suitcase is a good compromise. Sometimes you can find luggage with the bags included. Otherwise, just buy a folding garment bag separately if you absolutely have to have one.
What do you love to wear when you're at home?
When you're trying to pack smaller, you're going to need to re-wear things, so pick what you love to wear. Which T-shirt do you find excuses to wear and always go back to? Which jeans are your favorites? Re-wearing items you love will make it fun; re-wearing items you don't will make you wish you had packed more.
Should I pack that strappy dress?
How many times do you pack something thinking that you'll probably want to wear it on vacation, but you've never wanted to wear it when you're home? Our taste and comfort zones don't usually change with location.  So if you're not comfortable wearing it at home, you probably won't be comfortable wearing it when you're away.
How many pairs of shoes should you pack?
Shoes take up more room than anything else in your suitcase, so even though it's difficult, try to limit how many you take. I try to take one comfortable pair for sightseeing all day, and one pair of “dressier” shoes or heels.  (Of course, if you plan on working out during your trips, you may need to pack a pair of sneakers as well but – remember – you can stuff socks, underwear, belts, scarves – all sorts of things inside your sneakers to save space.) If I take a pair of boots, I wear them when I'm traveling, so I don't have to pack them in my luggage – though it can be a pain going through airport security at times with boots on.  P.S., the same goes for handbags. My rule is one to carry and one that packs flat in the luggage, no more.
Is everything machine or hand washable?
Depending on where you're going, dry cleaning can be an issue, either time-wise or money-wise, so anything that's machine washable is a safer bet. Anything you can wash out by hand and hang up overnight is ideal. Then your clothes are at your beck and call, and you're not waiting on the services of someone else.
How many basics can multitask with different accessories?
What simple top can you wear with jeans for a casual look, but can be dressed up with heels and nice jewelry for a dinner out? What dress is good for sightseeing, but with different shoes and jewelry, can take you to a dressier occasion? The more your clothes multitask, the fewer you have to take.
Do I have to sit on it (to get it closed)?
A packed suitcase is like a map: once you unfold it, it never really goes back the same way. If you leave the house with a suitcase that you can barely close, you'll return home with an additional bag. So, either plan for that, or leave a little room.
 Am I a "Girl Scout" (i.e., always prepared)?
Especially if you're traveling internationally, make sure you do a little research on any special requirements for your destination. Is the electricity the same? Do you need a converter or adaptor? Do you need to dress a certain way? Do you have your passport, visa, hand sanitizer, ear plugs, extra batteries, and memory cards? Some things you can pick up at your destination. Others you've just got to remember to bring.
A few more random thoughts on traveling. . .
A couple things I learned from traveling is that I'm not happy if I'm hungry. So I always carry some snacks with me that I can carry in my purse or backpack. (I like protein bars, soft granola bars or almonds.) I pack extra in my luggage and replenish my day bag or purse each day, so I'm never stranded without food. Then I have a little extra room in my suitcase on the way back after I've eaten them. This also means you don't have to choose between something you want to see, and dying of starvation.
I'm also not happy if I'm cold, so I always carry a wrap or two. A wrap can be your blanket on the plane, a scarf if it's not too cold, or a good bit of warmth if it is. They also take much less room than a jacket, are much easier to carry, and are much more versatile fashion wise (they can be dressy or casual).
So – there it is!  Though it is not a true “fashion blog” tonight – this post does contain some valuable fashion advice!  Take my thoughts on packing and on how not to be “burdened” on your trip by your “stuff” as you will.  These are just a few things I have gleaned over the years that I wanted to share with you.
If you are out there reading – drop us a note or reply to this blog and let us hear from you!  I will tell you – it is wonderful when you are away from home – especially when serving in the mission field, to hear encouraging words from friends back home!
Don’t worry though -- while I am away, the store will still be open regular business hours, and we will still be taking in and putting out new consignments daily!  Come see us when you get the chance – I promise you will be glad you did!
Until next time – I am . . .
Praying for my readers and customers daily,
Tammy Reynolds 
Owner – New for You
“She clothes herself with strength and dignity, and smiles at her future.”  Proverbs 31:25


Posted on April 15, 2012 at 9:16 PM Comments comments (1)
Welcome back, Fashion Lovers!
This week, we’re going to try something a little different. We’d like to put the spotlight on some of our favorite designers, so we’ve chosen to start with Coach, designer of affordable and adorable handbags and shoes.  So ---- A little history lesson…
Coach was founded in 1941 by a couple that was particularly skilled at making leather goods. The company discovered ways that they could make leather that was soft and supple, but still durable in the long run.
The primary interest of Coach in the beginning was actually wallets for men. The story goes that, at the suggestion of his wife, one of the partners started making handbags for women to capitalize on sales. A man was buying a nice wallet for himself, so the little lady got a handbag to go with it!
At New For You Consignment Boutique, we get new Coach handbags in all the time! Come and let us help you satisfy your Coach cravings for less!!  By the same token, we have long lists of people to call who are looking for particular Coach designs and colors so ---- if you have a Coach handbag you are not using anymore, give us a call!  We will help your handbag find a new home and help you find some "new cash" in your pocket to go "purse shopping" with! :) 
Until next time, I am . . .
Praying for my customers daily,
Tammy Reynolds
Owner -- New For You Consignment Boutique
"She clothes herself with strength and dignity, and smiles at her future." Proverbs 31:25

New For You Consignment Boutique Blog - Everyday Glamour!

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (96)
Everyday Glamour!
I think it is a common misconception that glamour is all about “dressing up.”  But putting your hair up and wearing something formal isn't the only way to be "glamorous." There are two kinds of glamour -- one for the red carpet and one you can incorporate into every day. While red carpet glamour is certainly a lot of fun, (we all love to dress up), everyday glamour is about a finished look you can move in, the details that finish the look, and the way that you feel in it. I guess it's almost more of a "state of grace" kind of effect.
When I think of women who had an amazing sense of glamour in their everyday style, I can't think of better examples than Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Kennedy. I'm sure all three of them had an unmistakable "presence" when you met them personally, but their style helped frame and set the expectation for that effect. They were never overdone, but they always looked like they thought about their appearance and took the time to look their absolute best. Even if they wore a T-shirt, it was smart, it fit well, and they would finish it with simple details of jewelry, handbag, etc. that made it into a glamorous look, whether it was casual or not.
Some of their most famous photos (and best, in my opinion) show these women with those kinds of simple accessories…a pearl necklace, diamond studs, or a great pair of sunglasses. Their makeup was natural—never too heavy. And, their dresses and outfits were always perfectly tailored.
At New For You Consignment Boutique, we always have loads of classic, yet still on trend looks.  Come see us and we can give you plenty of examples of how you can get a glamorous everyday look that’s perfect for wherever your day takes you!!   We are getting new Spring items in every day, in all sizes – plus to petites!  Come see us soon!
Until we see you in the shop, I am . . .
Praying for my readers daily,
Tammy Reynolds
Owner, New For You
“She clothes herself with strength and dignity, and smiles at her future.”  Proverbs 31:25

New For You Blog - When to Splurge?

Posted on March 27, 2012 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (0)
When To Splurge?
Welcome back, Fashion Lovers!
This week, we’re going to talk about something that no woman enjoys talking about: How much we spend on our clothing.
The numbers that are associated with the cost of our clothes are almost as taboo as our ages and weights (although everyone knows we are firmly set at 120 lbs and age 29!  Man – how I wish!)
So, If I had to guess, I would wager that most women do not eagerly share how much money they spend on clothing; sometimes denying they’ve purchased anything new at all!
Here’s the thing, Ladies… We shouldn’t be ashamed of treating ourselves to things that make us look and feel good. When someone compliments you on an article of clothing, you should never feel compelled to say, “What? This old thing!” You should be proud of those pieces that set you apart from everyone else and make you feel like a million dollars!
When to Splurge:
  • When the piece is SUPER unique
  • When the piece makes you feel like a million dollars
  • When the piece fits you better than any article of clothing ever has
  • When you are purchasing classic, basic pieces that all wardrobes need
When to Save:
  • When the piece is trendy and probably won’t become a fashion staple
  • When the piece is specifically for one outfit (like matching a top to a skirt)
  • When the piece needs some tailoring
Money is never something that people like to talk about and that fact seems to be getting worse in this economy! But …. Here’s the thing ….  that’s why shopping at New For You Consignment Boutique is so wonderful!  We are an upscale resale boutique, so the pieces are at much more affordable prices than they were originally priced, the items are in style and in excellent condition (many still with the tags on them!) and --- most importantly – You are getting a great deal, you are receiving excellent, high end boutique, personal customer service,  AND you are getting beautifully unique pieces!
Stop by and check us out soon – How about today?  We have put out close to 1000 new pieces over the last 2 weeks with lots more coming in daily!  WE promise to help you look like a million without spending a fortune!
Until next time I am …..
Praying for my readers daily,
Tammy Reynolds
“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at her future.”  Proverbs 31:25

"Lord, extend my territories . . . "

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 12:16 PM Comments comments (0)
Just a short note today.  Not about fashion or trends, but about a new step we are taking here at New For You.  Today, after 20 years in business, we are officially launching our Facebook Page for the shop!   This is something that I have been working on and planning for several months.  Finally, just a few minutes ago, I uploaded our very first photo images to our facebook page! 
Now, for everyone out there who is computer literate, this sounds like no  big deal but, for me, who can do just a little more than turn the coomputer off and on, this is a very big deal!  (Thank you Lord, for giving me a wonderful husband who is a computer/techno guru!!) 
My goal is to post new photos of  the great items we take in for our "friends" out there to see.  My prayer is that this venue will bring more of you into our shop to become more than just our facebook friends -- we want you to become our "life" friends, or even better, our "Faith Friends!"  (If you have ever come into the shop and been invited into an impromptu prayer circle for a fellow customer --  which happens quite often, you know exactly what this means!) :)
Many of you are familiar with The Prayer of Jabez. (I am not going to go into this prayer in detail but, if you are not familiar with it, I encourage you to google it and look it up.) One of the parts of this prayer is to ask God to extend your territories and to broaden your sphere of influnece for Him and it is part of a prayer that I pray each morning, together with the ladies at the shop, before we open.  Ironically, just after I posted our first facebook pictures, I received an e-mail that had this excerpt in it.
'“Behold, I am doing something new! It’s already happening; don’t you recognize it? I will clear a way in the desert. I will make rivers on dry land.” Isaiah 43:19  Sometimes your business will need to move as the market pulls you in a different direction. Sometimes, your territories will be extended into areas or arenas that are totally outside of your comfort zone. You might need to reinvent your business, and you should not be afraid. God’s always got your back." '
I take this little blurb as  confirmation that taking the plunge and moving our business into the world of Facebook is the right thing for us to do and that God will indeed, "Have our back" in this new arena.  Yes, we do hope that it will increase our business and look forward to it as a way to reach beyond our walls.  But, more importantly, we look at this new "territory" as a way to meet more people --- people like you --- who may need not only a new dress, but a kind word, a loving hug, or a heart felt prayer spoken over them.  Yes, New For You is a business, but above that, it is a mission field given to us by The Lord to serve others for Him.  Come . . . Let us serve you too. Until next time I am . . .
Praying for all of my readers daily,
Tammy Reynolds
Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook! Just search for New For You Consignment Boutique.  Please "Share" us wiith your friends too!
"She clothes herself in strength and dignity and smiles at her future." 
 Proverbs 31:25

Summer Dresses -- To The Max!

Posted on March 19, 2012 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (363)
I love the summer time and, if I had my wish, I would wear and declare that the maxi dress become the uniform of choice in the summertime! The right summer dress is much more flattering than shorts, covers a multitude of sins in the "cellulite and/or I didn't have time to shave today" categories, and draws attention to the upper body, where most women are naturally leaner.
There are some good rules to remember when choosing a great summer dress.
Find a style that works with a traditional bra if you're not comfortable wearing a strapless bra on long, hot summer days.
Find a good convertible bra to give you as many options on necklines as possible.
Get a few good bandeau tops or tanks to avoid showing too much cleavage. (This is especially true if you are larger busted.)
Make sure your dress isn't see-through when the sun hits it.
Go with a solid color if you want and need a more dressed-up look.
Really play up the jewelry with a summer dress. (You can wear earrings with a maxi dress that would never work with golf shorts.)
Use a little bronzer, self tanner, or body glimmer if you want to step up your look.
Forget to take care of your feet, as they are much more noticeable in a maxi dress.
Overlook the importance of a cute, updated sandal. (By the way -- We have tons of great looking summer sandals at New For You right now!)
Wear a print in your accessories that competes with the print in your dress.
Overlook a little light makeup. It completes your look.
Forget to wear SPF!
Neglect the importance of a little shrug or scarf in case of chilly nights or when you need to pop into a store or restaurant where it's more appropriate to have your shoulders covered.  (We have plenty of great little shrugs right now at
New For You!)
Wear a large, heavy, wintery handbag with your summery dress. (Again -- I know a great little consignment shop called New For You that has some great looking summer bags . . . :) )
Forget to stand up straight, put your shoulders back, and work it. Great posture makes a dress look a lot more expensive and makes you look younger and thinner.
Now, how do you choose a maxi dress that's right for your body type?
Curvy or fuller-busted women don't have to give up on a cute summer dress. If you're looking for an empire waist design, make sure it meets your body below the bust. If the dress hangs down from your bust, it will make you look bigger. Most fuller-busted women will be more comfortable in a traditional bra vs. a strapless bra for a long day. So look for a good convertible bra and dresses that cover your bra straps.
If you're on the petite side of things, look for more "pared down" silhouettes and be careful of prints that overwhelm. Also, be prepared to invest in getting the dress hemmed if it's too long. You don't want to be drowned by your dress, nor do you want to trip over it. You want to look like a smart, finished package.
If you like to accessorize with bold jewelry, then solid fabrics are a safer bet. If you like prints (and there are a lot of them this season), do the "full-length-mirror test" before you walk out the door to make sure your jewelry isn't competing with your print.
I love maxi dresses because they're cool, flattering, and feminine; but they're also one of the hottest trends for this spring and summer. The great thing about this season's dress trend is that there are styles that will work for every figure, whether you're curvy or lean, petite or tall.
One-piece dressing…you can't find that in the wintertime, unless it's pajamas with feet in them! So stock up on your summer dresses and enjoy!  If you need a good starting place, check out all the fabulous dresses that we receive at New For You Consignment Boutique every day!  Mini, maxi, or just “in between,” we’re your place to find the best dresses and jewelry at the very best prices!  Please stop by and see us soon!  We so look forward to having you in for a visit!
Praying for all of our readers daily . . .
Tammy Reynolds
Owner – New For You
"She clothes herself with strength and dignity, and smiles at her future . . ." Proverbs 31:25

A Little More on Accessories . . .

Posted on March 9, 2012 at 7:33 AM Comments comments (310)
I ended my last blog post discussing the importance of earrings for the Spring 2012 Season.  Since then, many of you have stopped searching for that fabulous piece of "ear candy" to update your look and we sure do appreciate your business!  During one of these visits, a long time customer and I got into a great discussion about accessories . . . Why are accessories most often underrated?
So ---- Why are accessories most often underrated?  With one bib necklace, you can send a message that you’re a woman in charge. With some wide-rimmed sunglasses, you can pass as a movie star in disguise. And with one pair of red pumps, you can scream, “I am woman” without uttering a word. Accessories make or break an outfit; they tout your fashion savvy; and accessories express who you are.
There are some accessories that I have had for years.  Just like those basic  wardrobe essentials, I think there are accessory essentials that look good season after season, year after year… a neutral handbag or a classic, (maybe even your grandmother’s) string of pearls. Your wardrobe has to have pieces like this!  But, your wardrobe should also include statement pieces  . . . bold cocktail rings, a chunky belt, an extra-long necklace, or a leopard-print pashmina scarf. In my opinion, these are essential accessories in their own way --- They are the pieces that make an ordinary outfit absolutely  extraordinary!!
At New For You, we receive tons of “cute and current” accessories – from designer handbags to cool,” on trend “shoes, sandals, and wedges. Love Scarves? We got em’ and can show you how to use them to make an outfit “pop!” We also receive fabulous costume jewelry from labels such as Chicos, Stella and Dot, Silpada, Brighton and others.  On top of that – we carry brand new, gorgeous, necklaces, earrings and handbags that we hand select at market for you –– taking into account the latest trends and your discerning   “fashionista” tastes that we have served for 20 years!  You won’t believe the fabulous prices we are able to offer these items for!   
Only you know your own comfort zone. But don’t be afraid to accessorize. It’s stylish to wear something bold. It’s not ridiculous to wear something big. And, it is surely not against the rules to wear something bright – especially this season when it is all about color!!  Remember—YOU ARE EXPRESSING WHO YOU ARE!  As long as you “express” in moderation, you’ll look fabulous!!
Thanks for reading along and for joining us on this journey.  Stop by and visit with us --- you are missing tons of fabulous things looking for a good home like yours!  We would love to see you! Until next time, I am  . . .
Praying for all my readers . . . :)
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More Spring Trends 2012

Posted on February 26, 2012 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)
Welcome back, Fashion Lovers!
I’m back to bring you a few more Spring trends for 2012! (I will say that I’m purposefully bringing you small doses of trends because there are so many!)
A lot of the trends tend to overlap this season. For example, last time I mentioned that pastels AND neons are popular this season – as well as a huge craze about yellow!
So . . .  Let’s keep taking our small bites out of the”fashion apple!”
- Tropical Floral Fiesta! -
The category sounds silly, but it is so true! This season, along with the “princess chic” trend, women are invited to indulge in their bold side. There are a lot of floral patterns floating around the runways; both bold, tropical prints as well as soft, feminine prints. Try whichever one appeals to your senses!   New For You completely endorses both!  If you are more feminine and soft, go with a pretty pastel floral print or, go with something with bold, tropical colors if you are feeling more adventurous! Now, I know that floral prints can often remind us of our grandmother’s couches but I promise you that there are some GORGEOUS prints out there for all tastes.
- White -
Okay, so this trend may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but white is back in a big way. For the past few seasons, white has been an accent color. This season, white is a new and hip all-over look. White from head to toe is beautiful for spring because it brings out brightness. We have been weighed down by darker colors this past winter and spring is all about bringing brightness back! I can completely understand women who shy away from this trend because white is extremely high maintenance. However, I suggest that every woman find a great white top and some white pants or capris. Even if this is an outfit that you wear once, the pieces broken apart will be vital to your average wardrobe.
One more FYI: Many women avoid white because they feel like it is the opposite of “slimming black.” THIS IS NOT TRUE! White can be just as slimming as black, if it is tailored well.
Earrings -
Every woman adores her accessories!  This season, earrings are back in a big way. Previous seasons have been all about bold and chunky pieces for neckwear and bracelets or gigantic cocktail rings. Nothing has really been mentioned about earrings! This season, the emphasis is on the ears. Neckwear, bracelets, and rings are extremely minimalist (although, I do love to see a woman in a great cocktail ring) as earrings are pushing through! So ----- invest in that eccentric pair of earrings! I promise you that you will be noticed for your bold choices.
All right, Fashion Lovers, there’s a few more bites from the fashion apple. Tune in next week for some more spring trends to keep you moving “fashion forward!”