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Time to clean those closets out for Fall!

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 7:38 PM Comments comments (0)
Since it is time for the seasons to change, at least in the “retail world,” I am starting to think about cleaning out those closets – both mine and yours – and getting items together to consign at New For You this Fall! Beginning next week, we will be taking in Fall transitional items and would love to have your things in our store to sell!!  We are always taking new consignors – all sizes – and can really help you “clean clutter” and “coup some cash!”  Just give us a call!!
To help with your clean out,I decided today to write about organizing your closet.  Actually, I am so much better at organizing other people's stuff(which I do regularly as a part of our consignment service). But when it comes tomine...well I guess I'm a little too close to it!  Right now, I am preparing to tackle my closet and I have come to the unwavering belief that no matter how big or small, there will, at some point, be a “physics problem” with any closet! (Unless we quit shopping and you know that's never going to happen!)
When it comes to organizing clothing, I tend to break things up by category first,hanging all the blouses together, jackets together, etc. Then I separate each category into colors, i.e. white blouses, then gray blouses, etc. I find this to be most effective for me when it comes to putting outfits together and finding a specific item. The one thing that always makes me nutty is having to waste time looking for a specific item, especially when I am already running late!
The best way to store shoes may depend on the size and construction of your closet.Ideally, I like to see all my shoes when I'm trying to find them. Having shelves above the hanging clothes in your closet is a fabulous thing for shoe storage! You can get a lot of shoes on those shelves and can even line extras on the floor at the base of the hanging clothes if you need to. The most important thing is that your shoes are stored in a way that keeps them from getting damaged (like piling them up on the floor).   The second priority is being able to find the shoes you are looking for easily (which is why I would rather not keep them in boxes), and the third is that it looks orderly. You may not be able to get all three with your current space, so it's good to prioritize and adapt accordingly.
Handbags are another category that needs to be stored in such a way that keeps them from being crushed. I have some basic, small, low-height storage shelves for general closet storage that I line my handbags on. (I have them at each end of one of my closets)  Having a number of shelves obviously gives me room for more bags, but sometimes, they still end up overflowing on the floor at the base of the hanging clothes. (See…I told you there's a physics problem!) I do keep them stuffed when I'm not using them so they keep their shape.
I keep any folded clothes in a second linen closet I have, that stores them as if they were folded in an armoire (which I just don’t have floor space for in my bedroom!)  I prefer an armoire (or an armoire type set up like I created)  to a traditional dresser because you can fold the clothes and put them in stacks, so with a glance, you can see everything.Because you can see the colors, but not the style of a shirt, I make each stack a different type (short-sleeve T-shirts, long-sleeve tees, cardigans, etc.).  For the items I keep in a dresser, I have to open each drawer and lift up the stacks to see what is in them.  This takes so much longer – I so wish I had space to keep everything on shelves!
There area lot of different things out there you can buy to help you get organized.  These things  can make the use of space more efficient. And sometimes, buying something new to organize with makes it a lot more fun.                             
The thing to do is figure out what works with your space!
If you can do something to distract yourself and stay entertained while you do this,you'll probably do it longer. So, bring in your favorite music or turn your DVD player on and watch Fried Green Tomatoes or Driving Miss Daisy for the 94time while you organize your little fashionista heart out!
Try to have fun and  . . .May the laws of physics be on your side!!
Until next time I am . . .
Praying for our customers and readers daily,
Tammy Reynolds
Owner –New For You Consignment Boutique
“She clothes herself with strength and dignity and smiles at her future.” Proverbs 31:25


Posted on July 16, 2012 at 5:26 PM Comments comments (1)
I recently read about a study where random people were asked to bring in their favorite pair of shoes. Then, a class of college students were asked to guess the attributes of the person who owns the shoes, by seeing only the shoes, not the people. Turns out, the students were 90% correct!
Wow, this makes shoe shopping even more important than I thought it was before, as it evidently broadcasts to the world who I am!
What I think flats say about the woman who wears them is that she's sophisticated, but balanced. She's not going to suffer in high heels all day, but she's not goingto give up her sense of style, either. When you want to let people know that you're someone who goes the extra mile to pay attention to the details, a great pair of up to date flats definitely do that. Most women put effort into the fashion that's more eye-level. Putting attention into the look from head to toe sets you apart.
There are times, however, when a good bit of height isexactly what you want. It makes you seem more confident and in-control because you're able to look people directly in the eye. (Plus, high heels make you look thinner too, so count me in!) So when you're seeking height this summer, make wedges your "go-to" shoes. This season, wedges have become stronger and more substantial in their style. They used to be understated -- a finishing touch. Now they're the focal point of your outfit. An updated wedge  lets people know that you know fashion. Plus,thanks to the sturdy wedge design, they’re totally wearable and can take you places your stilettos can’t.
We all love options in everything, especially shoes!
Speaking of shoes, come check out the fabulous selection of designer and name brand shoes – flats, stilettos, wedges and more, that we get in at New For You!  Our selection is great and we carry all sizes!  Remember, we receive tons of new items every day – so we are never the same store twice!
Until next time I am . . .
Praying for our customers and readers daily,
Tammy Reynolds
Owner –New For You
“She clothes herself  with strength and dignity, and smiles at her future.” Proverbs 31:25