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How to Create an "Illusion" -- Embracing the Sheer, Cut-Out, and Lace Trend!

Posted on July 10, 2013 at 11:59 AM Comments comments (254)
How to Create an “Illusion” ---- Embracing the Sheer, Cut-Out, and Lace Trend!
How many times have you heard on the news the phrase, “transparency in politics”  lately?  We hear it talked about all the time but, where we are actually seeing transparency is in fashion! Right now is “the season of the illusion”  -- The unexpected illusion of seeing through fabric or lace or an unexpected cut out. Of course, you don't really want to show anything too shocking as this is a trend that can be overdone. However, if you do it well, it can be one of the most beautiful feminine trends we’ve had in quite awhile.
The object of this trend is to direct the eye. Like a magician, you can trick people into looking where you want by the texture of the fabric, the amount of sheer the garment has, or the placement of the sheerness, lace, or cut out. One of the most important things to have for this season of sheer and
peek-a-boo cutouts is a wardrobe of undergarments. You will need a few bras—some with a wider strap placement and some that are more narrow--to accommodate different cutouts. A convertible bra--where you can wear the straps a number of different ways--is a good back up plan as well. Also, pick up a few good camisoles and tank tops. Get a good black, white, and nude to start because you need something you can wear under any sheer top and not have to worry about being arrested! J  A few bandeau bras in the basic colors can't hurt either.
Most of us know what basic styles we are drawn to. The cutout trend enables you to stay with those styles you already love, but make it a whole new look with a little sheerness or lace. This kind of detail is much easier to incorporate into your wardrobe than a new silhouette where you have to experiment with scale and line to learn how to adapt it to your figure. I have to admit, I recently bought a very basic black top, that had the extra little “pizzazz” of having the tops of the shoulders cut out that I absolutely adore!  Any time I wear it, I get tons of compliments and feel great being right on trend!
When trying to decide of this sheer/ lace/ cut out trend is right for you, here are10 questions you should ask yourself:

1.  Is it really see through?

2.  Does the cutout show more than I'm comfortable with (considering where  I’m going)?

3.  Can you see my bra straps?

4.  Can you see my bra?

5.  Is a smooth, nude bra understated enough or do I need a camisole?

6.  Is the camisole the right length for the blouse?

7.  Is the cutout directing the eye to where I want people to look?

8.  Have I tried different color camisole under it?

9.  Is the sheer or cutout a good balance with the rest of the outfit?
And lastly . . .

At New For You, we strive to carry the latest fashions and to help you keep your wardrobe up to date on the current trends, all without you having to break your bank to do it!  We have many items with sheerness, cut outs, and lace, as well as many other great looking designer and name brand garments just waiting to find their way into your closet!  Come check us out! J
As always, I am praying for my customers daily . . .
Tammy Reynolds
New For You Consignment Boutique
"She clothes herself with strength and dignity, and smiles at her future." Proverbs 31:25