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A Little More on Accessories . . .

Posted on March 9, 2012 at 7:33 AM Comments comments (310)
I ended my last blog post discussing the importance of earrings for the Spring 2012 Season.  Since then, many of you have stopped searching for that fabulous piece of "ear candy" to update your look and we sure do appreciate your business!  During one of these visits, a long time customer and I got into a great discussion about accessories . . . Why are accessories most often underrated?
So ---- Why are accessories most often underrated?  With one bib necklace, you can send a message that you’re a woman in charge. With some wide-rimmed sunglasses, you can pass as a movie star in disguise. And with one pair of red pumps, you can scream, “I am woman” without uttering a word. Accessories make or break an outfit; they tout your fashion savvy; and accessories express who you are.
There are some accessories that I have had for years.  Just like those basic  wardrobe essentials, I think there are accessory essentials that look good season after season, year after year… a neutral handbag or a classic, (maybe even your grandmother’s) string of pearls. Your wardrobe has to have pieces like this!  But, your wardrobe should also include statement pieces  . . . bold cocktail rings, a chunky belt, an extra-long necklace, or a leopard-print pashmina scarf. In my opinion, these are essential accessories in their own way --- They are the pieces that make an ordinary outfit absolutely  extraordinary!!
At New For You, we receive tons of “cute and current” accessories – from designer handbags to cool,” on trend “shoes, sandals, and wedges. Love Scarves? We got em’ and can show you how to use them to make an outfit “pop!” We also receive fabulous costume jewelry from labels such as Chicos, Stella and Dot, Silpada, Brighton and others.  On top of that – we carry brand new, gorgeous, necklaces, earrings and handbags that we hand select at market for you –– taking into account the latest trends and your discerning   “fashionista” tastes that we have served for 20 years!  You won’t believe the fabulous prices we are able to offer these items for!   
Only you know your own comfort zone. But don’t be afraid to accessorize. It’s stylish to wear something bold. It’s not ridiculous to wear something big. And, it is surely not against the rules to wear something bright – especially this season when it is all about color!!  Remember—YOU ARE EXPRESSING WHO YOU ARE!  As long as you “express” in moderation, you’ll look fabulous!!
Thanks for reading along and for joining us on this journey.  Stop by and visit with us --- you are missing tons of fabulous things looking for a good home like yours!  We would love to see you! Until next time, I am  . . .
Praying for all my readers . . . :)
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More Spring Trends 2012

Posted on February 26, 2012 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)
Welcome back, Fashion Lovers!
I’m back to bring you a few more Spring trends for 2012! (I will say that I’m purposefully bringing you small doses of trends because there are so many!)
A lot of the trends tend to overlap this season. For example, last time I mentioned that pastels AND neons are popular this season – as well as a huge craze about yellow!
So . . .  Let’s keep taking our small bites out of the”fashion apple!”
- Tropical Floral Fiesta! -
The category sounds silly, but it is so true! This season, along with the “princess chic” trend, women are invited to indulge in their bold side. There are a lot of floral patterns floating around the runways; both bold, tropical prints as well as soft, feminine prints. Try whichever one appeals to your senses!   New For You completely endorses both!  If you are more feminine and soft, go with a pretty pastel floral print or, go with something with bold, tropical colors if you are feeling more adventurous! Now, I know that floral prints can often remind us of our grandmother’s couches but I promise you that there are some GORGEOUS prints out there for all tastes.
- White -
Okay, so this trend may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but white is back in a big way. For the past few seasons, white has been an accent color. This season, white is a new and hip all-over look. White from head to toe is beautiful for spring because it brings out brightness. We have been weighed down by darker colors this past winter and spring is all about bringing brightness back! I can completely understand women who shy away from this trend because white is extremely high maintenance. However, I suggest that every woman find a great white top and some white pants or capris. Even if this is an outfit that you wear once, the pieces broken apart will be vital to your average wardrobe.
One more FYI: Many women avoid white because they feel like it is the opposite of “slimming black.” THIS IS NOT TRUE! White can be just as slimming as black, if it is tailored well.
Earrings -
Every woman adores her accessories!  This season, earrings are back in a big way. Previous seasons have been all about bold and chunky pieces for neckwear and bracelets or gigantic cocktail rings. Nothing has really been mentioned about earrings! This season, the emphasis is on the ears. Neckwear, bracelets, and rings are extremely minimalist (although, I do love to see a woman in a great cocktail ring) as earrings are pushing through! So ----- invest in that eccentric pair of earrings! I promise you that you will be noticed for your bold choices.
All right, Fashion Lovers, there’s a few more bites from the fashion apple. Tune in next week for some more spring trends to keep you moving “fashion forward!”

Spring Trends 2012

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 9:02 AM Comments comments (0)
Welcome Back, Fashion (and Bargain!) Lovers!
Earlier this week I posted a blog about the importance of color for Spring 2012. Well, since then, I have had several customers ask me for more info on what the trends are for this coming season and I am happy to oblige!  Yes, I will talk a little more about color – and then talk about a whole lot more!
So – Here are the hottest trends for Spring 2012!
1) Princess Chic
All right, ladies, I know this sounds a little corny – but Princess chic is in! This spring is all about being the girliest girl that you can be. Tulle, lace, floral, sparkle, and super feminine silhouettes are found everywhere.
2) Pastels AND Neons
When it comes to the color palette of Spring 2012, both ends of the spectrum are represented. There are pastels (baby blue, light pink, pale yellow…) as well as neons (tangerine, lemon, bright pink, turquoise, lime…). So, I think it goes without saying that there’s something for everyone this season. What’s even better is that the princess chic pieces are coming out in both colors. Girly, pink, pastel dresses are available as well as neon pencil skirts
All right, ladies, that was just a taste of what is in store for you this spring. Stay tuned to this blog over the next week or so --  I will be “unleashing” more trends to you!

It's All About Color!!

Posted on February 22, 2012 at 10:28 AM Comments comments (1)
Although the calender still says it is a month a way, the birds, butterflies, and balmy temps say something different -- SPRING IS HERE!  Prepare to be bold this season -- as bold as Spring's arrival itself! From prints to pastels, the palette of the season is definitely all about mixing colors and textures for truly statement-worthy ensembles. So grab your loudest and proudest pieces and take on the warmer weather in style!
Bright colors are a signature sign that sunshine is on its way, and we're soaking up all the "chromaticity" that we can. Going bold can mean just a pop of color against a monochromatic outfit, whether it's a bright scarf against all black or pairing a camel-colored ensemble with a bright blue handbag. Making the trend personal is easy with a signature color, whether it is an affinity for pink or orange, or a love of robin's egg blue. Pick a unique color and work it into your wardrobe whenever you can, with accessories, nail polish, or articles of clothing.
You can also take this signature color, or any other shade that catches your eye, and hop on the colorblocking bandwagon while you're at it. The trend that lit up last summer has returned, giving us more opportunity to lighten our days by pairing complementary brights in unexpected, killer combinations. Whether you're pairing teal with deep purple for a cool color palette or warming it up by mixing orange and yellow, this is an easy trend to try, all you need is a little confidence!
At New For You, we are receiving hundreds of "cute, current, and clean" spring consignments every day!  Come and let us help you boldly enter this season's latest fashion trends for less!  We can't wait to see you! 

Spring 2012 at New For You!

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 6:12 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello there!
It has been a long time since my last post -- nearly a year in fact!  However, I am glad to say that all is well with us at New For You and we hope the same is for you!  In fact, the only thing missing from our lives right now IS YOU! :)
Starting last week, New For You began receiving our new Spring items for 2012 and boy, if the first week is any indication of what this season will bring, then we are all in for a treat!  Bright colors, On Trend fashions, Wonderful Handbags and shoes and all of it in such a wide range of sizes!  This season is going to be fun!
One more thing, the ladies and I at New For You met today to discuss just how we can make your shopping experience even better in our store and what we can do to help build our relationships with you.  We left this meeting pumped up and excited about the opportunities God has given us to connect with so many women in this town and full to the brim with ideas on how we can serve you and stay connected to you even better!  One of those ways is by using more social networking to get the word out on new items and events in our store.  So, if you have not already done so, please add your name and
e-mail to this site and, in the very near future, look for New For You to debut a new Facebook page!  We "Like" you -- we so hope that you will "Like" us (on Facebook!) too!
Until next time ......
In His Love,
Tammy Reynolds

And So it Begins . . . New For You Consignment Boutique - The Blog!

Posted on January 31, 2011 at 10:16 AM Comments comments (6)
And so it begins . . . the first entry in my very first blog!  Not sure what to say except that I just know that this year, 2011, is going to be great!!  Tomorrow is February 1, and is the official start of our 19th Spring Season at New For You!  I praise God that He has allowed us to serve both Him and our community in so many ways over these past 19 years and I am so grateful to all of our loyal customers who have shopped with us throughout the years!  As I said . . . this year is going to be the best ever!!
If you haven't already seen it, check out this month's (Feb. 2011) Her magazine, published by The Ledger-Enquirer.  There is a wonderful fashion/photo spread on New For You featuring just a few of the designer fashions you can find in our shop, as well as tips on stretching your wardrobe budget by shopping in consignment stores. 
One more thing . . . something we are now doing is purchasing fabulous NEW jewelry, scarves and handbags to sell in the shop!  I have found some wonderful wholesale suppliers in order to bring you the hottest looks in accessories at the most reasonable prices!!  You will not believe the low prices on these amazing pieces!!  I have seen the very same things in many of our regular stores here in town for A WHOLE LOT MORE!!   The only thing is that these accessories sell very quickly so you have to act fast!!  If you want to be on our accessory e-mail list/call list, just subscribe to this blog and I will be sure to add you.
Thanks for reading and for being a part of our story . . .
Tammy Reynolds
New For You   
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