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More Spring Trends 2012

Posted on February 26, 2012 at 9:30 PM
Welcome back, Fashion Lovers!
I’m back to bring you a few more Spring trends for 2012! (I will say that I’m purposefully bringing you small doses of trends because there are so many!)
A lot of the trends tend to overlap this season. For example, last time I mentioned that pastels AND neons are popular this season – as well as a huge craze about yellow!
So . . .  Let’s keep taking our small bites out of the”fashion apple!”
- Tropical Floral Fiesta! -
The category sounds silly, but it is so true! This season, along with the “princess chic” trend, women are invited to indulge in their bold side. There are a lot of floral patterns floating around the runways; both bold, tropical prints as well as soft, feminine prints. Try whichever one appeals to your senses!   New For You completely endorses both!  If you are more feminine and soft, go with a pretty pastel floral print or, go with something with bold, tropical colors if you are feeling more adventurous! Now, I know that floral prints can often remind us of our grandmother’s couches but I promise you that there are some GORGEOUS prints out there for all tastes.
- White -
Okay, so this trend may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but white is back in a big way. For the past few seasons, white has been an accent color. This season, white is a new and hip all-over look. White from head to toe is beautiful for spring because it brings out brightness. We have been weighed down by darker colors this past winter and spring is all about bringing brightness back! I can completely understand women who shy away from this trend because white is extremely high maintenance. However, I suggest that every woman find a great white top and some white pants or capris. Even if this is an outfit that you wear once, the pieces broken apart will be vital to your average wardrobe.
One more FYI: Many women avoid white because they feel like it is the opposite of “slimming black.” THIS IS NOT TRUE! White can be just as slimming as black, if it is tailored well.
Earrings -
Every woman adores her accessories!  This season, earrings are back in a big way. Previous seasons have been all about bold and chunky pieces for neckwear and bracelets or gigantic cocktail rings. Nothing has really been mentioned about earrings! This season, the emphasis is on the ears. Neckwear, bracelets, and rings are extremely minimalist (although, I do love to see a woman in a great cocktail ring) as earrings are pushing through! So ----- invest in that eccentric pair of earrings! I promise you that you will be noticed for your bold choices.
All right, Fashion Lovers, there’s a few more bites from the fashion apple. Tune in next week for some more spring trends to keep you moving “fashion forward!”

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