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What's if I have clothing

I would like to consign?

We are So Glad You Asked!! :)

We accept ladies new and nearly new clothing, no older than 2 fashion seasons, for consignment on a seasonal basis --that is, spring clothing accepted in the spring, winter clothing in the winter, etc,.

Appointments are not required to bring items in! However, we might not be able to go through your items right away. so long as you do not mind coming back to pick up any items we cannot use, dropping your items off, or doing a "fashion dash-in" is just fine! However, if you prefer to know that we will go through your things while you wait, we are more than happy to make an appointment for you. The choice is yours! :)

We ask that all items must be in mint or near mint condition, freshly laundered and pressed, and on hangers if at all possible. If you need some hangers to bring your items in on, just stop by and we will gladly give you some to take home.

We accept ladies shoes and boots sizes 6 - 12, in medium or wide widths. We ask that all shoes be clean and / or polished, both outside, inside, and bottoms. We ask that all scuffs and marks or nicks in the heels be buffed out or repaired, and we ask that the name brand still be visible inside the sole of the shoe. One more thing . . . If you can see "toe prints" in the sole, (this happens a lot with sandals) we will have to say, "Thank you, but no thank you," as they just will not sell.

There is no minimum and no maximum as to how many items you can bring by! (We do ask that if you have "hundreds" or "a ton," of things, or a whole house clean out you want us to look at, please give us a few day's notice so that we can make room for them. We are also available to come to your house to pick up your items when there is a great deal to look at. Just give us a call and we can set up an appointment for that.

We generally set the starting sales price for your item at 1/3 to 1/2 of what the original retail would have been and then, (here comes the fun part ....) Unlike most consignment stores that offer the consignor a 40/60 split, with the consignor making 40%, at New For You, 

 We pay you 50% (half) of the

selling price.

Following the first 30 days of your item being on our

sales floor, we will do select periodic mark downs, 20% - 25% at a time, and then due a 50% mark down during the last 2 weeks or so of the consignment period.

Again, unlike some shops, We do not charge our clients any consignment fee, advertising fee,

set-up fee or consignor fee to their accounts. Other than the time it takes in bringing your items to us, there is no cost for this venture to you!

Once again, We will always be glad to make an appointment for you to view your items while you wait, however, NO Appointment is necessary, so long as you are willing to come back and pick up anything we may not be able to use.

Please Call 706-660-9999

for details. We so look forward

to working with you soon!